Inspection of the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP)

February 16, 2024

The National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) is the institution that monitors compliance with the regulations on the employment of employees by employers in Poland. The duties of the National Labour Inspectorate are regulated by the Act on the National Labour Inspectorate of 13 April 2007.

Responsibilities of PIP

The main duties of the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) include supervision of workplaces and compliance with labour law. PIP is responsible for:

  • compliance with occupational health and safety standards,
  • scrutiny of the provisions relating to the employment relationship, remuneration and other benefits resulting from the employment relationship,
  • monitoring of working time and holiday regulations,
  • ensuring that employees’ parental rights are respected,
  • compliance with the rules for the employment of people with disabilities and juveniles,
  • verification of the legality of employment.

In addition, PIP deals with the analysis of work-related accidents. In cooperation with other authorities, it monitors compliance with rules and regulations regarding environmental hazards.

Who is a subject to PIP inspection?

Institutions and entrepreneurs may be subject to inspection if they:

  • employ at least one employee on the basis of an employment contract, a civil law contract or work with a natural person on a B2B basis,
  • should comply with the rules of the prohibition of trading on Sundays and public holidays,
  • work as employment agencies providing job placement services.

What documents are checked during a PIP inspection?

During inspection, the controller checks:

  • documentation related to workplaces,
  • documentation concerning other authorities such as the Social Insurance Institution or the Tax Office,
  • employee personnel files, with particular emphasis on the validity of health and safety training,
  • implemented procedures and regulations.

Authorizations for PIP inspections

Only persons who are authorized to carry out a PIP check do it. Authorisations are issued by the Chief Labour Inspector, other PIP inspectors and their deputies. The authorisation should include the details of the inspector, the scope of the inspection and the expected start and end dates of the inspection.

PIP inspectors are allowed to move around the workplace without passes, but it is important that they show their service ID before the inspection begins. With the authorization, the inspector can inspect rooms, machines or equipment.

How long does a PIP check take?

The inspection is ongoing:

  • 12 working days – for micro-entrepreneurs,
  • 18 working days – for small entrepreneurs,
  • 24 working days – for medium-sized enterprises,
  • 24 working days – for other entrepreneurs


Irregularities that come out during the PIP inspection are included in the protocol. It contains the details of the person carrying out the inspection, the date of the inspection and the violations that have been discovered. If no violations are found, the controller creates a note instead of the protocol.

There are penalties for violating the laws:

  • an order to stop work or business,
  • an order to amend infringements within a specified period of time,
  • fines of PLN 1000 – 30,000.


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